Summer: The Season for Sun, Fun, and Boiler Maintenance

Don’t Wait Till Fall for a Service Call

If your facility uses boilers for heat (whether steam or hot water), you most likely shut down the system at the end of spring. Even if you still use the boiler in a limited capacity to control humidity for your air conditioning, the load is greatly reduced from what it is in the winter. Most facilities wait until fall to have repairs and inspections performed on their heating boiler. This makes for a huge rush in service calls following that first 50-degree fall morning when facilities realize they need their boilers started.

You can easily beat the rush and prepare for the upcoming heating season by calling your boiler repair company now. Not only will it be easier to schedule service, but you’ll also have plenty of time to spare in case your system needs parts that aren’t available same day. Proactively spreading out the maintenance process over the summer is the best way to ensure that your facility is ready on the first cold morning in the fall.

Keeping up to Code for the Cold-Weather Load

We get it—it’s 80 degrees and sunny right now and you’re busy managing all the other problems in the facility, but that’s why you can call us to get it done. We’ll take care of all those details you don’t have time to worry about, such as state inspections. We’re finding that with COVID-19 complications, inspectors are less available than usual, so let us coordinate your state inspection and get it scheduled in advance. We have the know-how to make sure your boiler is up to code and will fire up when you flip the switch this fall.

So, while the AC is roaring and your weekends are spent out on the lake enjoying the sun, make a quick call to your boiler service company before temperatures drop in the fall. We’ll make sure your facility is prepared and that you never find yourself left out in the cold.

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