The Fulton Vantage: This Boiler Is a Tank!

Fulton Vantage


When people call something a “tank,” they’re usually describing an object that’s robust, heavy duty, not easily broken, and stable through adverse conditions. This is how we would describe the Fulton Vantage boiler. Its heavy duty reliable hydronic heat keeps on keeping on year after year. Here’s a list of reasons why a Fulton Vantage boiler may be right for you. 

Premium Materials

The boiler is a condensing boiler built from duplex alloy stainless steel—capable of handling the thermal stress and corrosion that is a result of operating a boiler below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Fulton is so confident in the design of the heat exchanger that they back it up with a lifetime thermal shock warranty. 

Duel Fuel Capability

The Vantage can be ordered with only natural gas capability, but the boiler truly excels with the duel fuel capability. The Vantage can burn #2 fuel oil at 100% duty cycle, providing a reliable backup fuel. The fuel oil is direct spark ignition, meaning you don’t have to worry about storing propane or making sure that tanks are kept full. The Vantage also does not require an air compressor to atomize the fuel, which reduces maintenance cost and is one less spare item to worry about having on the shelf. All that is required to change fuels is the flip of a switch on the control panel, making it easy to have multiple people trained to switch fuels in the event of an emergency. 

Low Cost of Ownership

The boiler benefits from a straightforward design that does not require doors to come apart and gaskets to be changed every year. The boiler does not have waterside inspection gaskets that will dry out and leak at the most inconvenient times. The fireside doors only need to be removed if the boiler requires internal inspection or cleaning, none of which are a regular maintenance item if proper combustion is maintained. 

Linkageless Efficiency

Service techs can spend a lot of time trying to set up complicated linkage, never achieving a combustion curve that has the accuracy of linkageless design. The Vantage eliminates linkage and uses servos to modulate the air and fuel, so peak efficiency can be achieved without spending hours adjusting rods and angles of linkage. This design produces repeatable combustion numbers and can easily be tuned to the changing weather seasons. 

If you‘re interested in learning more about Vantage boilers, click here to download the brochure. Additional information can be found on Fulton’s website, or you can contact us with questions about how a Vantage may be right for you. 

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