Controlling Boiler Water Levels with a Differential Pressure Transducer

Controlling the water level on a boiler or deaerator is critical to boiler room operation. Without proper water level control, vessels will run out of water and/or have constant issues related to too much or too little water. If a deaerator runs out of water, the pumps will shut off and eventually the boiler will […]

How to Set Up a Bladder Expansion Tank

Hydronic hot water systems require an expansion tank in order for the system to work properly and to keep the relief valves on the boilers from opening. The purpose of an expansion tank is to provide a place for water to go when it’s heated in the system. A hydronic system is a closed loop, […]

Flue Gas Condensation Could Be Killing Your Boiler

Flue gas condensation can occur in any hot water boiler. The causes of this condensation and the importance of properly mitigating it are easily misunderstood. Flue gas condensation is also part of the reason why condensing boilers can have efficiencies up to 99% whereas a typical non-condensing boiler will max out around 80–85% efficiency. However, […]

Feedwater Pump Sound Like It’s Pumping Marbles?

Have you had a boiler that can’t maintain its water level and keeps dropping out on low water? Having serviced many different boiler rooms and systems, this is one of the more common problems that happens when a steam system is not maintained properly. It’s an issue that develops over time and is not readily […]

What is a Boiler Vacuum Breaker?

Have you ever gone to start up a steam boiler and found the sight glass overfilled and the boiler completely full of water, even though the water level was normal the night before when you shut it down? Where did all the water come from and how did it get inside the boiler if the […]

Why a Spare Boiler Parts Program is Essential for Your Facility

Most of the facilities we service are highly dependent on their boiler system. The primary functions boil down, if you will, to climate control and/or process, which is why maintaining a fully operational boiler room is so critical to these facilities. Even the best boilers do break down, and often at the worst times: 4:30 on a […]

Video: Need Boiler Parts? We Got ‘Em.

Get an insider’s look at the parts room at Boiler Specialists. Whether you need something fast or you’re looking for a part that’s hard to find, we’ve got you covered.

Intermittent Boiler Alarm Game Plan

What are the hardest types of problems to solve in a boiler room? If you’ve ever been in charge of boiler maintenance at a facility, the answer is easy: intermittent failures. When an intermittent issue arises, it’s not typically because a part is broken, but because parts aren’t functioning at 100%. To fix an intermittent […]

Performing a Proper Steam Boiler Blowdown

The most repetitive and common maintenance task on a steam boiler is the blowdown. Few people really understand why they have to do it or what makes it so important. So, what is a boiler blowdown anyway? Every steam boiler has valves connected to the pressure vessel which are opened on a regular basis to […]

Don’t Go Hunting for Zebras in the Jungle

I once had a teacher who was old school—he couldn’t explain the math on why something worked one way or the other, but he could figure out problems and fix stuff. He was a technician for over 40 years and had tons of real-world experience. One of his favorite sayings was, “Don’t go hunting for […]