A photo demonstrating the effects of latent energy in steam

Steam or Compressed Air? Same Pressure, Different Energy

On a service call, a newer customer was showing us their steam-driven machines and how they operate with massive power on only 150 PSI of steam. They also told us how a couple years ago, a plant manager had the idea to remove the boilers and switch to air compressors, since boilers are expensive to […]

Summer: The Season for Sun, Fun, and Boiler Maintenance

Don’t Wait Till Fall for a Service Call If your facility uses boilers for heat (whether steam or hot water), you most likely shut down the system at the end of spring. Even if you still use the boiler in a limited capacity to control humidity for your air conditioning, the load is greatly reduced […]

Keeping Cool in the Heat

  During the summer months, the temperature in a boiler room can rise to anywhere between 80 and 100 degrees Fahreinheit if not properly ventilated and cooled. Most boiler rooms don’t have temperature control, making ventilation a must for two important reasons: personal safety and equipment function. Don’t Sweat It Personal safety always comes first. […]

Invisible Boiler-Busters, Part 2: Combustion 

  In this next installment of the series we’ll examine how combustion in a steam boiler can change drastically over time, causing subtle issues that if left unchecked can lead to a busted boiler. Improper combustion is the second commonly overlooked boiler–buster that we encounter in the field.   Combustion 101  To begin we need a […]

Invisible Boiler-Busters, Part 1: Hard Water

  The steam boiler is at the foundation of what keeps your facility operational, which is why every maintenance and facility manager wants to avoid a busted boiler at all costs. So, do you know how to anticipate serious problems before they happen? If things appear to be running smoothly on the surface, does this […]
Fulton Vantage

The Fulton Vantage: This Boiler Is a Tank!

  When people call something a “tank,” they’re usually describing an object that’s robust, heavy duty, not easily broken, and stable through adverse conditions. This is how we would describe the Fulton Vantage boiler. Its heavy duty reliable hydronic heat keeps on keeping on year after year. Here’s a list of reasons why a Fulton […]

Understanding Boiler Pressure

What defines a high pressure boiler?  If you are unfamiliar with boilers and the power of steam, you might expect “high pressure” to mean anything over 100 PSI. This seems reasonable, right? 100 is a big three-digit number, but did you know that a high pressure boiler is defined as having a max allowable working pressure (or MAWP) above 15 PSI? You would not think this is a lot of pressure; people put about 8 PSI […]