Performing a Proper Steam Boiler Blowdown

The most repetitive and common maintenance task on a steam boiler is the blowdown. Few people really understand why they have to do it or what makes it so important. So, what is a boiler blowdown anyway? Every steam boiler has valves connected to the pressure vessel which are opened on a regular basis to […]

Don’t Go Hunting for Zebras in the Jungle

I once had a teacher who was old school—he couldn’t explain the math on why something worked one way or the other, but he could figure out problems and fix stuff. He was a technician for over 40 years and had tons of real-world experience. One of his favorite sayings was, “Don’t go hunting for […]
Example of radiant heating

Six Reasons Why Heating With Water Is Better Than Air

When you’re around boilers every day, you get used to hearing concerns from people who assume that boilers are dangerous and outdated. For a brand new facility, who would ever choose a heating boiler over a rooftop unit that can both heat and cool? It doesn’t seem to make sense, but most are not privy […]
Safety Release Valves

Inside a Safety Release Valve

Safety relief valves; every steam boiler has one. It’s that valve attached to the steam space of the boiler that most people assume will never be needed, as accidents don’t happen with their boiler. Well thankfully for laws and codes, a safety valve is a precision valve that is meant to be the last line […]

How to Take Your Boiler Room from Good to Great

As a boiler service company, our technicians spend most of their time in a boiler room working on… you guessed it: boilers. Once someone does this for a couple years, they will see many different boiler rooms, some brand new and some that are a century old. Over time a technician will learn what exactly […]

Understanding Steam Pressure Controls: Three Basic Functions

Most steam boilers have three main controls that maintain the correct steam pressure inside the boiler and cause the boiler to shut down if an unsafe pressure is reached. These three main controls are the operator, modulation, and high limit pressure controls. Operator Pressure Control This control is what shuts down the boiler at a […]
A photo demonstrating the effects of latent energy in steam

Steam or Compressed Air? Same Pressure, Different Energy

On a service call, a newer customer was showing us their steam-driven machines and how they operate with massive power on only 150 PSI of steam. They also told us how a couple years ago, a plant manager had the idea to remove the boilers and switch to air compressors, since boilers are expensive to […]

Summer: The Season for Sun, Fun, and Boiler Maintenance

Don’t Wait Till Fall for a Service Call If your facility uses boilers for heat (whether steam or hot water), you most likely shut down the system at the end of spring. Even if you still use the boiler in a limited capacity to control humidity for your air conditioning, the load is greatly reduced […]

Keeping Cool in the Heat

  During the summer months, the temperature in a boiler room can rise to anywhere between 80 and 100 degrees Fahreinheit if not properly ventilated and cooled. Most boiler rooms don’t have temperature control, making ventilation a must for two important reasons: personal safety and equipment function. Don’t Sweat It Personal safety always comes first. […]

Invisible Boiler-Busters, Part 2: Combustion 

  In this next installment of the series we’ll examine how combustion in a steam boiler can change drastically over time, causing subtle issues that if left unchecked can lead to a busted boiler. Improper combustion is the second commonly overlooked boiler–buster that we encounter in the field.   Combustion 101  To begin we need a […]